Tulle, an integrated system for bathroom design

Products 9 April 2024

Archeda envisions the bathroom as a space where design is tasked with generating comfort and relaxation. The new proposals faithfully follow this concept, and in the 2024 collection, the company focuses on new colors and materials. Finishes have always played a prominent role in the company’s design thinking, dedicating time and resources to researching color trends and their possible applications in the world of the bathroom.

Tulle is a collection of suspended bathroom furniture with which it is possible to create endless compositions. Furniture with countertop washbasins, recessed washbasins, or double washbasins, bases with drawers characterized by a series of internal accessories made with great attention to space organization, complete with wall units, mirrors, and coordinated accessories.

The system, designed by Dario Poles, is handleless and characterized by a 45° groove on the door that facilitates the opening of the drawers.

In 2024, the collection is expanded with new modules, accessories, and complements, washbasins, bathtubs, mirrors, shelves, containers, internal and external lighting systems, and new finishes, including striped woods on lacquered colors.

The Tulle line is enriched with Olimpo, a series of pedestal washbasins that evoke the archetypes of ancient Greece. Monolithic blocks proposed in Okite®, a synthetic material with extremely high technical performance capable of resisting acids, heat, and scratches, whose peculiarity is the vein that runs through the entire thickness just like in natural marble. Olimpo, in addition to quartz, can be made in white and colored acrylic. There are also various patterns available, such as stripes or geometric shapes.

A new striped finish characterizes the collection with a surface featuring vertical bands that originated between the 1930s and 1950s during the rationalist and modernist period. Today, it returns to adorn furniture and furnishings in two versions: flat-sectioned stripes and irregular cuts in all the colors available in the catalog. This vertical decoration asymmetrically traverses the doors and creates a soft flow of shading that captures the light. In this composition, Tulle is offered in the matte lacquered Bosco finish combined with gold, and the composition is completed by the bathtub and coordinated accessories.

Tulle is presented in the new bathroom unit with a structure in a matte lacquered finish called Luce and the Poseidone washbasin in Okite® Gray Sahara. The matte gray base finish contrasts with the white veins running through the washbasin, enhancing its forms. Also new is the Sputnik mirror, two semicircles meeting to form an irregular geometric figure, giving movement and dynamism to the composition.

The collection is also complemented by a series of column containers named “Opera,” which, through a staggered arrangement of the doors by 10 cm, create a suggestive effect that allows glimpses of the interior of the containers.

In line with its vocation, Archeda continues in the direction of researching new materials, prestigious finishes, and innovative technical solutions to offer a quality product and, at the same time, define inspirations for a contemporary bathroom that meets the needs of an increasingly discerning consumer.

Technical Descriptions

Zeus – Okite® washbasin column with Mondrian frontal decoration, accessories in matte Canapa finish and Titanium metal

Washbasin dimensions: L 50 H 90 P 45 cm

Mirror: Radius diameter 100 cm

Tulle – Bathroom unit with matte lacquered Bosco finish and accessories in gold finish

Dimensions: L 175 H 37.5 P 50 cm

Mirror: Radius diameter 120 cm

Opera Columns – Storage unit with Flamed Truffle Oak finish and staggered doors by 10 cm

Dimensions: L 150 H 162.5 P 35 cm

Tulle – Bathroom unit with structure in Luce lacquered finish and washbasin in Okite® Gray Sahara

Dimensions: L 207.4 H 26.2 P 35 cm

Sputnik mirrors L 70 H 140 cm

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